Dutch design made in holland

Dutch Design Made in Holland
Design known and appreciated around the world. Dutch Design stands for contemporary designs and high quality products. Dutch designs by Villa ProCtrl are at the top when it comes to exclusive innovative and high quality designed  products. All products signed with this logo are designed and produced in The Netherlands.

The People behind

Villa ProCtrl
Driven by the ambition to make exceptional high quality products that enhances living and the way people do business is how Villa ProCtrl approaches design. 

Our goal is to offer our customers, functional, daring, emotional, personal , quality and durability solutions and products. To us that is the meaning of  High Design Living and the standard motto within Villa ProCtrl.

Is a framework that work as a pool filled with  independent designers that offer our customers a wide range of designing possibilities. Kogrodesign also feeds the creative motor behind Villa ProCtrl.

Villa ProCtrl
Our home page on the internet. Here we offer a wide range of remarkable high design products.